Makeup And Products Trends In Winter 2021 and 2022

Winter is right around the corner! And that means dull and dry skin. So let’s talk about how to maintain your skin’s suppleness and health during these dry months. Here are some international makeup trends of 2021 and 2022.

PRO TIP: To maintain the health of your skin before applying makeup, we recommend always using sunscreen and sun protection lotion along with your moisturizer. In the winter, it is suggested to use richer moisturizers to maintain skin hydration. 

Makeup Base And Face Contouring Tips

The best thing you could do for your complexion is to find the perfect shade of foundation. Here is an expert tip for selecting your best shade. First, apply three colors to your cheek. Preferably one shade closest to your tone and two slightly lighter in variation. Then, select the one that best suits you. Remember, the MM Silk Foundation is a full coverage matte foundation and is buildable, so you can start with a little and add as you go.


Contour + Light Palette

We recommend using the Masarrat Makeup Contour + Light Palette to enhance your facial features further. Contouring is an essential makeup technique that adds depth and balance to your face. We recommend a few different contouring styles depending on your face shape, but the vital steps are. 

  • Begin contouring from the side of your forehead, continue to shade under or right on your cheekbone and lastly, sweep the color on your jawline. Make sure to blend. 
  • Apply your desired contour shade on the sides of your nose. The closer you apply color up the bridge of your nose, the slimmer your nose will appear. The key is to make sure it looks blended. 
  • Use the light-yellow matte color from the palette under your eyes, in-between your cheekbone contour and jawline, and the bridge of your nose - This will bring brightness and balance to your face. 

Shimmery And Shiny Eye Shadows

Focus on your eye makeup when you attend any special occasion or gathering. In 2021 and 2022, trends will favor two extreme looks; you can go for a highly sultry matte smokey eyes with deeper browns. If your eye color is brown or darker, this is a great look. The second eye look will focus on shimmery and metallic eyes with the perfect touch of glimmer. You can create both using our versatile MM Sunset Palette.

Perfect Blended Blush

To add a flush of color, use a fluffy brush to work the color onto the apples of your cheek. You can also take your favorite lip color, lightly dab it on your cheeks, and blend it with your finger.

Graphic Stroking Eyeliner

Stroking a perfect eyeliner is what every makeup artist wants to master. So have some fun with it, be creative, controlling and precise when making a perfect graphic liner. With our Black Matte Eyeliner, you can create looks from intense cat eyes to double-winged lines.  To complete the look this winter, remember to work on your Eyebrows and perfect their shape by using the MM Brow Palette. Perfectly done brows always compliment your eyeliner and complete any look.

Winter Lip Shades And Textures

For fall and winter, the lip shades are mostly deeper and glossier. The classy red or plum lipstick will give you the color of the season. We recommend using our MM LipVarnish or our newest MM Miracle Lip Oil to keep your lips plump and hydrated. Use the MM Miracle Lip Oil as a lip treatment every night and if you love mattes, then use it as a topper for a bit of boost of hydration.

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