Essential Makeup Products by Masarrat Misbah For Important Events

Eid is a special occasion, which many of us look forward to. It's a time when we get to dress up, spend time with our family, and look our best! But, with so many choices of makeup, perfume and accessories available, how do we decide what to choose?

It is a time for picking out the best makeup products to get a glowing look. This blog talks about some of the best makeup products from Masarrat Misbah that can be used for special events like Eid.

Silk Foundation Mocha

Silk Foundation

This liquefied silk foundation is a high definition makeup solution that blends the natural grace and radiance of your own complexion with full, intense coverage in one simple step! True to its origins, this liquid-to-powder formula uses natural ingredients to lock moisture into your skin, creating a smooth and soft canvas for all manner of other cosmetics, even those designed for sensitive skin. It feels as light as a feather on your face! A perfect foundation for Eid!

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid Lipstick

This Liquid Lipstick delivers deep, rich color that is 100x more pigmented than traditional lipsticks. The medium to full-coverage formula is extremely long lasting. All you need to do is to apply the lipstick directly from the doe foot applicator or with a lip brush so you can achieve a more precise application depending on what look you're going for. Make sure your lips are nice and dry before making any color application because once it sets, it won't budge until you're ready to take it off.

Black Matte Eyeliner

black matte eyeliner

This intense black matte liquid eyeliner comes in a black lacquered case. It is undoubtedly the best eyeliner you could use to stand out in this upcoming Eid occasion! Wet the applicator before applying it to your eyelid by swiping it along the inside rim of the bottle. Apply from your lash line or from a little further out for a bolder look. Use the hooked end of the applicator for tightening, which is lining just beneath your lashes.

Silk Primer

Silk Primer

The formula has astringent herbs in it, which firms the skin and goes a long way in slowing down the appearance of aging. It softens wrinkles and improves the elasticity of your skin to provide you with an even surface on which to apply makeup. Apply to clean skin before applying makeup, using a dime-size amount. Gently massage the product onto your face with your fingertips and see the magic! Perhaps the best product to consider for your makeup on this special occasion!

Silk Pressed Powder

Silk Foundation

This soft, silky powder that helps with oil control and blotting so you'll have a more even appearance. It's also useful for setting products like concealers, foundations, contours and blush. This pressed powder can be used on top of your favorite foundation or worn alone.

When it comes to buying makeup, the way you choose it can make a big difference. For example, makeup that is cheap may look and feel cheap, but high-end makeup can look and feel rich and luxurious. Since makeup is something you put on your face every day, it’s important that you find a type that works for you. These aforementioned bestselling products are among the top that you can consider for the upcoming Eid occasion!

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