Masarrat Misbah Makeup is synonymous with Pure Beauty and was founded by Masarrat Misbah, a beauty entrepreneur, cosmetologist and social activist.. Her charismatic and promising personality reflects vividly in her love for beauty and more importantly her warmth and sensitivity towards those who have accidentally lost it. Masarrat Misbah has devoted her work to promoting independence of women and encouraging the empowerment of young women. The next step in the evolution of the Masarrat Misbah brand was to take her 35years of experience and turn it into a beauty product so that every woman can carry a piece of empowerment with her.

All women represent various ideas of beauty and create looks that make them feel empowered and confident. At Masarrat Makeup aka MM Makeup, we believe that every woman is beautiful and with the right makeup, can be a force of true power. Our expert color palette will enhance individual beauty and add to layers of confidence.


Beauty for Each Individual To be the first choice of women seeking conscious free, flattering, attractive and Halal premium products that make each individual look 

beautiful and feel more confident. 



Passion, Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Respect, Entrepreneurial Essence, Excellence.


Masarrat Misbah has lived by these values throughout her career from the start of Depilex, to her NGO the Depilex Smile Again Foundation to launching a fully certified halal and cruelty free makeup brand. Everyday she embodies these values.


We are committed to bringing the best to our clients. Each item in the Masarrat Makeup collection is manufactured with the best quality Halal ingredients, making it the first ever Halal Certified Makeup Brand in Pakistan. Halal is an Arabic word meaning "Permissible" or "Lawful". We have refrained from using any haram animal substances or intoxicants in our products. We are committed to upholding our halal standards and integrity  throughout the manufacturing and production process which includes checking for cross contamination, points of contact, transportation etc. 



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