Rs. 1,499
WHAT IS IT? This supremely cushiony long lasting matte formula imparts luxurious color in one stroke.   HOW TO USE - Apply a layer of your favorite shade of Matte Luxe Lipstick but using the tip of the bullet to...
Rs. 1,499
WHAT IS IT? Liquid Lipstick delivers ultra-saturated, full coverage color  in a long wearing matte formula. The doe shaped applicator makes both lining and applying lip color effortless.   HOW TO USE - Line and fill lips using the precision...
Rs. 1,799
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Miracle Gold Lip Oil
WHAT IS IT? Introducing MM Miracle Lip Oil  A luxurious lip oil with a powerful combination of Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Sunflower Oil and Hazelnut Oil extract, leaves your lips instantly hydrated, soft and moisturized with a mirror-like glow.  The...
Rs. 799

Why Choose to Shop Our Matte and Liquid Lipsticks?

Our matte and liquid lipsticks are formulated to deliver vibrant color and a comfortable, lasting finish. Here are some benefits of choosing Masarrat Misbah lipsticks:

• Matte Lipsticks: Enjoy a velvety, non-shiny finish that stays put all day. Our matte lipsticks are perfect for creating a bold, sophisticated look without drying out your lips.
• Liquid Lipsticks: Experience the best of both worlds with our liquid lipsticks, which combine the intensity of a matte lipstick with the easy application of a gloss. They offer rich pigmentation and a lightweight feel.

Discover Our Top-Selling Lip Products

• Matte Luxe: This supremely cushiony, long-lasting matte formula imparts luxurious color in one stroke. Perfect for a sophisticated, non-shiny look.
• Liquid Lipstick: Delivers ultra-saturated, full coverage color in a long-wearing matte formula. The doe-shaped applicator makes both lining and applying lip color effortless.
• Miracle Gold Lip Oil: A luxurious lip oil with a powerful combination of Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Hazelnut Oil extract, leaves your lips instantly hydrated, soft, and moisturized with a mirror-like glow.

Application Tips for a Stunning Look

Achieve a flawless lip look with these simple application tips:

1. Prep Your Lips: Start with a clean, smooth canvas. Exfoliate your lips gently and apply a hydrating lip balm.
2. Define with Lip Liner: Use a lip liner to outline your lips and prevent feathering. Choose a shade that matches your lipstick for a seamless look.
3. Apply Your Lipstick: For matte lipsticks, swipe the product directly onto your lips or use a lip brush for precision. For liquid lipsticks, use the applicator to fill in your lips, starting from the center and working outward.
4. Blot and Set: Blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess product and set the color. For extra longevity, apply a second coat.

Popular Shades You'll Love

Explore some of our most popular lipstick shades that are loved by our customers:

• Classic Red: A timeless shade that exudes confidence and glamour.
• Nude Beige: Perfect for a natural, everyday look that enhances your lip’s natural color.
• Bold Berry: A vibrant, deep shade ideal for making a statement.
• Soft Pink: A delicate, feminine hue perfect for any occasion.

Customer Reviews

Our customers adore Masarrat Misbah lipsticks! Here’s what they have to say:

• "I’ve never found a matte lipstick that stays on all day without drying out my lips. Masarrat Misbah’s matte lipsticks are a game-changer!" – Maria A.
• "The liquid lipsticks are so lightweight and comfortable. The colors are gorgeous and long-lasting. I’m in love!" – Sana K.

Shop Online for the Best Lipstick Shades

Ready to elevate your makeup game? Shop our Matte Lipsticks and Liquid Lipsticks online and discover the perfect shades for you. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and have your favorite products delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. Don’t miss out on our exclusive offers – start shopping today!


Which lipstick is better liquid or matte?

It depends on your preference. Liquid lipsticks offer intense color and long-lasting wear with a lightweight feel, while matte lipsticks provide a bold, non-shiny finish that stays put all day.

How to find your perfect lipstick shade?

To find your perfect lipstick shade, consider your skin tone and undertones. Try shades that complement your natural lip color and experiment with different colors to see what looks best on you.

How to match lipstick to skin tone?

Match lipstick to your skin tone by choosing shades that complement your undertones. For warm undertones, go for coral, peach, and warm reds. For cool undertones, try pink, berry, and blue-based reds.

Which lipstick is good for lips matte or glossy?

Both matte and glossy lipsticks have their benefits. Matte lipsticks offer a long-lasting, bold look, while glossy lipsticks provide a shiny, hydrating finish. Choose based on your desired look and lip condition.

Which is the best lipstick in Pakistan?

The best lipstick in Pakistan can vary based on personal preference. Masarrat Misbah's Matte Luxe and Liquid Lipstick are highly regarded for their quality, pigmentation, and long-lasting wear.

How do you find the right lipstick for you?

Finding the right lipstick involves considering your skin tone, undertone, and personal style. Try different shades and formulas to see which ones enhance your natural beauty and suit your preferences.

Which brand is best for lipstick?

Several brands are known for excellent lipsticks. Masarrat Misbah is renowned in Pakistan for its high-quality, halal-certified lip products that offer a range of shades and finishes.

Which lipstick looks best on me?

The best lipstick for you is one that complements your skin tone, undertone, and personal style. Experiment with different colors and finishes to discover which shades make you feel confident and beautiful.

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