Become Your Own Makeup Artist - Tips About Makeup Artistry

For Makeup Artist, youtube tutorials have been a great resource of learning. These tutorials are helpful if you have similar brushes and makeup products and understand their hidden tricks. The significant essence of using makeup products is understanding the color palette and skin tone. It will assist you in getting the best outcome with the best products and tools. If you plan to become a makeup artist, you must have the following staples in your kit. 

  1. Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Eye Shadows
  4. Blush
  5. Contour + Highlighter
  6. Eyeliner & Mascara
  7. Lipstick or Lip Varnish

These products will provide you with a complete artistry look. First, however, you would need some relevant tools for applying them to your skin. These tools include specific brushes for foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, and lips. Once you have these tools, you must learn to use them properly.

Significant Tips About Makeup Artistry

To become a makeup artist, one needs to understand basic color theory. It will help you understand different skin tones and how to correct them. With this, make sure to follow all the growing trends in the makeup community on social media and all new product releases. 

Start by prepping your skin with moisturiser, so it is hydrated. Next, use a primer; it keeps your foundation on longer and closes pores for even skin. Then apply Silk foundation on your face, as it comes in various skin tones. Select the closest color tone and follow these steps.

  1. Take the Silk foundation on the back of your hand,
  2. Apply dots on your face with your fingertips,
  3. Next, use the blending sponge or foundation brush to blend it. Again, start from the centre of the face. 
  4. Once you have blended it evenly to your skin tone, to set it down, apply translucent powder with a powder brush and tap it all over the face. 

    For Eye makeup, you must first apply the base color to set the grounds for other colors. It is advisable to use nude or neutral colors. Follow these steps for a fantastic eye look.

    1. Start with neutral colors to make the base, from lid to crease.
    2. Work on your eyebrows with, brow palette, choose your eyebrow shade and fill the gaps to shape the eyebrows. 
    3. Always start from the outer corner of your eyes, and use the desired shade. 
    4. Work on the middle of the crease with your desired color and blend it evenly with the corner color.
    5. Add dark or light shade inside the corner of the eyes. Then, blend it with another color to give it a smooth look.
    6. Use light shiny shade under your brow crease and the inner corner of your eyes. 
    7. Slightly blend it to make it more effective with other colors.


    For Blush, Contouring and Highlighter, you must first contour your face. Then blush and lastly, highlighter. 

    1. Start with your forehead, cheekbones, nose, jawline and chin. Then blend the color for a seamless look. 
    2. Use a suitable blush color according to your skin and apply the blush with a slight hand. Then, blend it to look natural. 
    3. Slightly brush any shade from the Highlighter Edition 1 palette on your cheeks, nose, and corners of the lips.

    To complete your look, add eyeliner and mascara. 

    1. Now, apply the Perfect wear eyeliner on your eyelid. Start with the outer corner lid and brush it towards the inner corner of your eye.
    2. Finally, complete your eye look with the MM Drama Lash mascara for extreme voluminous lashes.

      For lipstick, you must follow these steps to have a lasting effect.

      1. Apply the Miracle Gold Lip Oil on your lips to moisturise them.
      2. Outline your lips, and shape them well. 
      3. Apply Lip Varnish or Matte Luxe from the centre of your lips. 
      4. Use a lip brush to fill the gaps or patchy areas. 
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